Without Green Chile, There Is No Life
This morning I made some Green Chile thanks to the generosity of Lee Frampton (our HP sales rep). He found out how miserable I was in the chile-free state of Nebraska and took pity. He's based in Albuquerque, NM so he has access to "the goods". He sent me two bags of roasted Hatch chiles and bottle of my favorite salsa: Sadie's Hot!

Look at those babies!! =>

Here they are after peeling and rinsing (I'm not overly zealous about removing seeds, they lend fiber to the diet that helps me feel better about eating the chile in the first place!). The chilies were fantastic- very meaty and hot.
Here's our friend Mr. Pig. I like buying shoulder/butt steaks. This is the same cut as you use for BBQ and it benefits from slow cooking. Chops or sirloin would be healthier, but when you have a tight, strapped, panther-like body such as I do you can cheat once in a while with a fatty cut of meat.
[pauses for laughter]
Toasting the cumin seeds is a must
Here is the rest of the gear. How do you say "mise en place" in Spanish? Miso en Placido I choose. Tomatoes (I used too many.. half a can would be better with 2lbs of pork), chicken broth, onion chopped with my neighbor's fresh jalapenos (very hot!), the cumin ground in the mortar, adobo, chipotle powder, red chili powder (I ran out of ancho chilies), oregano, smoked paprika(??), garlic.
So let's start frying some pork. I used bacon fat and lard. Wha-What? You didn't use both bacon fat AND lard??? Oh. Yes. I. Did. Bacon fat doesn't have trans fat so it's the healthy part of this duo. That's saying something.
Frying the pork in small batches so it doesn't steam. Gotta get some crust and color. I used to flour it before frying but it doesn't really help since it stews so long.
With the pork all done, time to saute the veg. Onions.. then garlic.. then deglaze the pot with the chilies and tomatoes.. add broth.. I was a little short on liquid so I added some of the retained tomato juice from the can and the "run off" from the rinsed chilies. Don't waste flavor!
We are ready to stew. I add back the bones from my trimmed steaks. Can't let that flavor go in the trash. I actually put it in the oven so I wouldn''t have to watch it. 230deg for about 4 hours.
Here it is done and ready to thicken. I like it done "gravy style" so it stays inside a breakfast burrito easily. I thickened mine this time with half flour and half masa harina in a "slurry". I honestly don't know what to use. I don't like cornstrarch for Green Chile.
Finished product. This is possibly best I've ever made but it's still only a shadow of the great chiles I like from Colorado. I don't know how they make it at Chubby's.. or Santiago's.. or Deli-Cioso in Longmont.. if I win the lottery I'm going to take a part time job in one of those spots and expose them!

God Bless Lee Frampton for giving me such a wonder present! I have a couple of weeks of breakfast burritos in my future and that makes me very happy!